The great India discussion forum (All languages and decent)

Please join this group to create India’s most responsible, serious, well-behaved, well moderated, intellectual, studied, analytical, advanced, open, patriotic, accommodative, philanthropic, and rigorous discussion forum. We promise to provide an atmosphere of respect, trust, good language, and accommodativeness. We aspire to get on board the most prominent names in politics, business, administration, legislature, judiciary, art, philosophy, science, technology, and other fields of knowledge with their real names.

There shall be no lobbies, sub-groups, noise, nuisance, abuses, insults, digressions, pressures, targeting, etc by any member at the second instance of considerable objection in the reasonable opinion of the moderators.

What do we discuss:
1. Society, social trends of India in specific (and the world in general if relevant) and the same way
2. Politics, legislative, judiciary, bureaucracy of India
3. Economy and business in India
4. Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, other sciences, pseudosciences, etc) and technology
5. Philosophy, God, spirituality, religion, naturalism, atheism, and similar abstract beliefs
6. History and geography
7. Industries and business processes
8. Finance and accounts
9. Current affairs
10. Critical analysis of an article, topic, writing,
11. Sports and games
12. Personal finance
13. Office, work, field affairs
14. Thoughts and questions in mind
15. Personal lifestyle
16. Social Media, gadgets, IT, HW, SW,
17. Arts (fiction, non-fiction, music, movies, drama, books, performances, and any type of performance), any other entertainment
18. Rural, urban and foreign
19. What is wrong and what is right
20. Language – science of language, structure, and other aspects
21. Any other topic not explicitly put in the negative list by the admin.

Following are the rules:
1. Only real persons can join.
2. The member must be at least one-year-old member of Facebook and should have minimum 50 friends.
3. No member can rejoin once expelled.
4. You can speak your mind without fear of being targeted. However, anti-national speak is not allowed.
5. No humor, sarcasm or parody is allowed to which objections are being raised. Not that we are against it, but there many other places for that.
6. The member must be an Indian citizen or person of Indian origin.
7. Discussions of topics that are in no way concerned with India or resident Indians are not allowed.
8. Opposite, neutral or own philosophies and thoughts to be held in basic minimum regard.
9. Members shall not hesitate in expressing themselves correctly and unambiguously.
10. Frivolous members shall be removed.
11. The promises herein are not constitutional nor contradictory to it.
12. Please set the notifications from this group to OFF
13. No short, curt, meaningless posts allowed.
14. One must first respect all the thoughts and the persons putting then and then support or criticize them.