India and Tarun Vijay Are Not racist.


The first video is mine shattering the view that either India or Terun Vijay are racist.

Second video is Al Zazeera video of interview of Tarun Vijay




The video of interview:


Mahesh Shantaram, photographer  : Passport   flasher

Sadiq : Victim                                                                                                                                                                 Salih – Indians are not racists

Mina Wumbey and Mahesh Shantaram :Majority Indians are racists, Black skin doesn’t make us less human beings, Some Indians are blacker than us (Africans), exact origin not known like Kenya, Nigeria                                                                                                                                                      They are us for marijuana?  Maintain African client list like Nigro 1 Nigro 2 Nighro 3                                                                                                                                         ===============

Crime levels,  Vulnerability  of microminority

Africans in India

Report: AFRICA-INDIA   Facts & Figures                2015                                                                                                                                                           BY UN and CII


What is the population of Africans in India?

The number of African students attending Indian tertiary institutions is  on a gradual increase since 2000, exceeding 6,000 in 2012.


From Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya accounted for more than 50%.

240,000 Tourists from africa


Indians in Africa = Do we know Africa

As of January 2015, the number of Indians and persons of Indian origin living in Africa        was estimated to be 2.76 million which accounted about 10% of the total number of  overseas Indians and persons of Indian origin. In Africa, most of Indians and persons

of Indian origin were residing in South Africa (56%) and Mauritius (32%).     or 86%

Can we say Indians know Africans?

How are Indians treated in Africa?

Confusion between the whole and the Part

India , Africa, West – whole world? Racist?

Law and order problem

Self – Contradiction = Nobody in India who watched that liked that

Crime reporting in India





History of racism




Darwin and racism




Modern Scientific interest in racism


Phenotypic Variation[edit]                                                         

For more details on this topic, see Phenotype § Phenotypic_variation.                         

Phenotypic variation, which accounts for both genetic and epigenetic factors that affect what characteristics are shown. For applications such as organ donations and matching, phenotypic variation of blood type, tissue type, and organ size are considered.                        




Main article: Anthropometry                                                     

Anthropometry is the study of the measurements of different parts of the human body.[20] Common measurements include height, weight, organ size (brain, stomach, penis, vagina), and other bodily metrics such as waist-hip ratio. Each measurement can vary significantly between populations; for instance, the average height of males of European descent is 178 cm ± 7 cm and of females of European descent is 165 cm ± 7 cm.[21] Meanwhile, average height of Nilotic males in Dinka is 181.3 cm.

Applications of anthropometry include ergonomics, biometrics, and forensics. Knowing the distribution of body measurements enable designers to build better tools for workers. Anthropometry is also used when designing safety equipment such as seat belts.[20] In biometrics, measurements of fingerprints and iris patterns can be used for secure identification purposes.[22] As for forensics, patterns in anthropometry can be used to identify ancestry or race.[23]

























India                  USA

Age of criminal responsibility                                                      7                   6                  

                                                                                                                Ranked 50th. 17% more than United States    Ranked 58th.

Believes crime increasing in the past 3 years                       63.58            65.22           

                                                                                                                Ranked 49th.                    Ranked 44th. 3% more than India

Crime levels                                                                                       47.61            55.84           

                                                                                                                Ranked 45th.                    Ranked 30th. 17% more than India

Drugs > Annual cannabis use                                                      3.2%             13.7%          

                                                                                                                Ranked 4th. Ranked 1st. 4 times more than India

Drugs > Opiates use                                                                       0.4%             0.57%          

                                                                                                                Ranked 10th.                    Ranked 3rd. 43% more than India

Justice system > Punishment >Capital punishment (last execution year)                       2,013       2,014       

                                                                                                                Ranked 6th. Ranked 1st. The same as India

Murder rate                                                                                       2.8                5                  

Police officers                                                                                   122.5            243.6           

                                                                                                                Ranked 28th.                    Ranked 27th. 99% more than India

Rape rate                                                                                            1.8                27.3             

                                                                                                                Ranked 46th.                    Ranked 9th. 15 times more than India

Total crimes                                                                                       1.76 million                      11.88 million          

                                                                                                                Ranked 10th.                    Ranked 1st. 7 times more than India

Violent crime > Gun crime > Guns per 100 residents                    4.2                88.8        

                                                                                    Ranked 105th.                  Ranked 1st. 21 times more than India

Violent crime >Intentional homicide rate                    2.8                4.7               

                                                                                    Ranked 8th. Ranked 7th. 68% more than India

Violent crime >Murder rate                                        40,752          12,996         

                                                                                    Ranked 2nd. 3 times more than United States                                                                                    Ranked 9th.

Violent crime >Murder rate per million people           34.24            42.01           

                                                                                    Ranked 58th.                    Ranked 43th. 23% more than India

Violent crime >Rapes per million people                    18.39            274.04         

                                                                                    Ranked 46th.                    Ranked 9th. 15 times more than India



Is India Racist?

Crimes inseparable part

Special factors

Unsafe places


Police visits




Fair color

Mixing of cultures

The Aryan Invasion Theory





We hope it will go

Keep cultural identity























Please comment how to refine the post further or anything you have to say. Thanks.

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